Sunday, November 1, 2009

10 Quickies!

1. I'm now currently still hanging out in my room in Subang. Will be back to PJ around evening.

2. Exam starting like on WEDNESDAY! omg omg omg.

3. Since last night, i've got 2 EVIL DEVILS forcing me to watch all their fav. Kpop videos from uTube. DAMN. I got addicted. And i cant stop watching for hours. wtf.

4. Had breakfast today with mummy. Shocking right? Since when i still have breakfast? haha.

5. I won't be in Subang till the end of Nov. It hurts. Sigh.

6. I'm listening to Korean POP songs!!!!!!!!!! wtf. I need to stop right now. STOP.

7. Going for a movie date with my baby later. Dated me like 9 hours ago. ( MJ -This is IT )

8. I actually miss my roommate. Errrr..... Abit la. LOL.

9. Last night, i got scared by my dad! Imagine that. 4 am! I just walked out from toilet and he just grab my hands. wtf. ( i didnt scold it out of course ) And for what? To 'kepoh' about something that's going on outside our house..... further details, i'll tell u guys when i meet u. HAHA! This is just a quickie.

10. The most important! STUDY! i'm studying. YES I AM! (i am not lying - and this is a lie)


夜猫呆呆 said...

who makes u addicted to it?
haha, I love them all since long time ago...anyway, when I feel stressed, I will just click on youtube to repeat the dance video of's nice, and great to release the tension...bwahahaha...

purple_star_88 said...

hahaha. Both of my friends la. Goodness them. Keep giving me all the links. I'm going crazy la if this just dont stop. LOL! It actually increases my tension coz i'm going mad seeing them. HAHA! not so kua jeong la.... but still. =p