Wednesday, October 28, 2009


ahh! i still cant stop listening to this song. As the title said, ADDICTED. so true. But i'm finding it annoying coz the song keeps repeating in my mind everytime i'm trying to study! HELLO~ get out of me now will you? hahaha... =p

Finally, i'm done with all my assignments and its time to STUDY STUDY STUDY!

Just now i started with SQL commands. But i fell asleep while doing Practice 2. wtf. I need to stop sleeping in front of my laptop. Somehow i feel like its going to damange my brain. HAHA! and someone told me that i can't eat maggie during exam period coz maggie will deggrade ur memory. ARRGH! tooooo much la. Why isn't maggie a healty food? No choice lo. Already didnt study alot, what if really that small part of memory about my studies also gone just because i eat maggie? Kinda stupid right. Better believe it. No harm done.

Yesterday, last day of enjoying. No more parties! What i can do now is WAKE UP, study, EAT, study, SLEEP, sleep...... study.....SLEEP. yup! this is what i'm going to do until 17th November. Can't wait for that day. ARRGH! *yawns* oh shit. Even talking bout end of exam i still can yawns. Should i take a nap? hmmmm... yeah, i need it.