Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

This time around, far from home.... ( well, not exactly far la. Just 15 minutes drive from where i am now ) hahaha.. how i manage to celebrate this wonderful moment? Without lanterns hanging around and candles to play with its slightly pathetic but luckily for me, i have my darling and baby! *muaxx*

As today is a chinese traditional festival, we decided to have a chinese meal for dinner. Just to have the Zhong-Qiu-Jie mood flowing around... So many families dining together with us, laughing happily & chit-chatting at other tables. We too, TOTALLY enjoyed accompany each other. *hugs*

One thing we find it troublesome is that with just 3 people, its kinda difficult to order dishes. Hahaha..... So, we ended up with -TA.dah!


Obviously, chinese-style dinner comes along with a pot of hot chinese tea! ( oh shit. I only took the pic of our cups. Forgot bout the pot. hahaha... )


Wonder what would be our plan later tonight? Still got 1 hour till mid-night! LET'S HANG OUT somewhere else besides our condo!

me : i wanna stay home study! stay home study... study..... study...... ( crap~ )

bee : i wanna go club dance.... go club dance.... dance.... dance.... ( woohoo~ )

esther : i dunno wanna do what.... do what... what.... what.... ( sigh~ )

oh shit! left 55minutes till mid-night! *screams*


LEe YiN said...

mana rachel??

purple_star_88 said...

hahahaha.... she got DATE with others!

LEe YiN said...

she date with your ah pa?
aiyo, later u all got one more bro/sis again..wakakaka

purple_star_88 said...

hahahaha.... none la. She date with her other friends.. AhBu also need some times for herself wan mar. AhPa very kind de =p