Saturday, October 10, 2009

feeling Static

i'm having a dull boring life this month. Damn. Although i'm back at home, all i did was just hide myself in my dark-gloomy room.... looking at my laptop screen the whole time besides sleeping and eating. suck.

This kinda plz-kill-me-rather-to-force-me-study mood is really frustrating. And its gonna continue until my finals ends which is on the 17th Nov! wtf.

Thank goodness i'm meeting my BFFs tmr! weeeee~~~ really will brighten my day. ( honey, sorry can't go hang out at starbucks with u tmr. I owe u this ok? )

another thing i'm missing is new photos. OmiGosh. I dunno how long i haven posted any new photos. And the thing is i didnt bring my camera back. Still on the dressing table in my pj house. *sigh* After looking through my album, NOPE! no pics to post up. Desperately, i picked up my phone and snap a pic.


Arrhh! nothing to do with my post at all. Haha..... I'm feeling sleepy again. Darn.

p.s. : What they say about CCNA exploration is just like clicking never ending slides is so true. Yes, so true.