Monday, October 19, 2009

Final week.

last week attending lessons. I've been skipping quite a number of them ( er, not quite but kinda alot ) anyway, the point is : I'M GOING FOR ALL MY CLASSES this week! yes i am. Sigh, from 11 till 6. I wonder how many times i will doze off while listening attentively to my lecturers. Let's pray-pray-pray! hahaha.

Haven been doing much studies lately. Concentration needed once again. I really hope i can stay focus on something i'm doing. This is for studies, of course. Other matter? Just trying my best to stand strong on what i decided.

I wish u all the best.
Thanks for all the memories.
Do take good care of yourself when you are out there.

p.s. : Friendship is not taken for granted. It is something that u should earn.