Saturday, November 28, 2009

Shuk Ching's Dinner


ok, not to worry. Its not her wedding dinner la of course. Its her, my lovely friend who came back from Sabah celebrating her wonderful 21st birthday at her house!


ok, i seriously wasn't aware that its going to be some sort of formal kinda dinner. I thought it was a party, as in a PARTY. hahaha.. but the night was fun. Especially the dinner. Its just like dining in a hotel restaurant. 5 stars definitely. ( thanks to her dad, Uncle Chai ) The food was delicious.


Yeah, this was the half of birthday girls high school mates. The other half which havent arrive all are her Uni mates. Which means.... a bunch of Medic Undergraduates. I will say that i enjoyed myself knowing each and everyone of them. Great personality and attitude.


Cake's turn. OMG! homemade fruit cake by her aunt! seriously nice. Better then those in bakery i dare to say. Suddenly i have the urged to bake a cake. wtf.

Anyway, thanks for the invite Shuk Ching! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! hope u had a blast just now! Love u always from all of us.