Monday, July 20, 2009


3rd week of lectures starting tmr.... Arrgh! damn it. I still in my holiday mood now..... wth. *slap* Hopefully i dun sleep or blank in the class. PLZ.

Last 2 days celebrated my dear Tracey's 21st. Practiacally i was with u 24 hours!!!! wow. From Saturday 5pm till Sunday 5pm. Hope u enjoy my accompany =p From dinner at Bangsar Village - Chillies to KL - Maison.... Then ur own childhood bday party the next day.... Its was really a blast. *wink* hehe.

I haven got the pics from anyone yet. Will post some up here asap. Erm, but probably u guys can see it in facebook la.

Nah. Lazy to crap here di. Its getting late. Ciao.