Saturday, July 4, 2009

Packing. Packing.

Holiday is going to end like in just 26 hours. DAMN IT.

I'm having minor headache. Probably just the thought of leaving Subang again. Sigh.

I'm so going to miss everyone, everything.

I'm not staying at hostel anymore...moving out. Hoping its a correct choice to make. =p

nah. ShinYeen, all u have to do is think of hostel toilet and u know u made the right choice. haha.

This is not goodbye, this is starting over........ ( lyrics in one of Gareth Gates song. wtf)

The point is that. I dun feel like packing...... i hate packing... ARRGH!

Cis. I'm just being grumpy here that's all. I'll pack later. HAHAHA!