Tuesday, December 25, 2007

20th DEC 2007

haha. sorry piggy! so late only post this.
just came back from kampung but see la. i treat u so nice. fast fast come update le! =p

hmm, what to say bout u ar? dumb... crazy... stupid... pig... annoying... etc!
haha. but since its ur birthday post, i shall be kind.

listen up guys! jessica loke is a sweet little girl with a perfect smile. she doesnt wear skirt besides school uniform. screams alot! have the ability to stay awake for more than 24 hours. drinks STARBUCKS roughly about 3 times a week. she is cute. PRETTY. *help me* got lots of ideas on how to make fun of ppl. LAME. tell stories with head no tail. her fav sentence is ISH! I HATE U!!!. haha. true? she prefer women than men. *oops* dream of having her own company name AIRBUCKS. loves to break dance at home. hahahahahaaha. got bitten by leech at her big round butt. OH, how can i forget. SHE IS BALDING.

haha. here comes the most beutiful JESSICA in the world....




Love u always!!!