Friday, December 28, 2007

^-^ hoMetoWn...

its been a long time. i haven went back there for so many months. STPM~~~
i miss my cousins. REALLY! =(

what my cousin sis say might be true. 6 of us are the closest. BUT as time goes by.... our bond getting loose day by day. i blame it on TIME. i hate u.

Its ok. we proved TIME wrong. we still have fun with each other. appreciate it alot. =) haha.. omg. i sound so emo. (listening to jimmy lin - dui wang)

nvm.. change my mood now!

hehe.. i have to show u guys this bloody SOUP we order in a restaurant in muar. COST RM100.. its not a very famous reataurant in klcc or 5 star hotel! damn.


ish. and each person only get a SMALL bowl.
here are the 6 dummies!!


hahahah. of course... the smartest DUO.


After dinner, we went have a walk in Tanjung.. erm, emas? haha. anything la.



Not to forget.... my SUPER POSER cousin.


and the pic i love the most!!!


see u guys during Chinese new year 2008! =p


shinmei said...

miss u as like u miss of course can more than that ...haha ^^see u when i back to KL la..we go shop !! shop it for crazy !! WOAHAHAHA XD

purple_star_88 said...

ahahahah. of course!! u say wan ar. dun later u FANG FEI JI!. hehe.. miss u. and i'm waiting 4 u to come over. muaxx.. dun tell devil. hahahaha. later he jealous and call me bad again.