Monday, December 17, 2007

~ Asian Idol ~

well, u know the topic.

last night was the live telecast of our very 1st ASIAN IDOL.
6 contestant from philipines, singapore, vietnam, indonesia, india & of course MALAYSIA!
in two hours time, the asian idol will be crown. talking back to yesterday performance, it is so obvious that malaysian idol has the best voice. or maybe the philipines.... definately not india. omg! no doubt he is good-looking. i nearly fainted when he came out from the back stage. (just joking) BUT.. once he started singing.... i was like..... WHAT THE ****** he cant sing. Same goes to the singapore idol. he is super cute. too bad. BAD! bad..................

seriously. malaysia is the WINNER. i'm not a fan of jac BUT (as i said)
wait, i havent tell u guys bout the vietnam idol. SHE IS DAMN FREAKING HOT.
trust me. As for her singing, no comment. kinda boring. ish. cant anyone be both good-looking and able to sing???


p/s : eh pig (jess loke), dun be so emo can anot. CRAZY!


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shinmei said...

hey...i was watching it i no comment~ u ask my dear la...he has many comments about it..