Tuesday, July 22, 2008


wondering what is that number? haha. let me reveal it. ITS MY ROOM Number!!
K1 stands for Blok Kenyalang 1 and B is basement. obviously 13 is the door number.

i'm happy staying here now coz my college finally has connection for us!! hurray! so now i online EVERYDAy in my room. goodness. very hard to control k.

just had my 2nd orientation called MITAZ ( minggu interaksi tun ahmad zaidi ). tun ahmad zaidi is my college name. named after the person for the reason i yet to know. hahaha. really tiring the whole week. DAHLA got so many math Sheets to do.. hiAHZ. if u think i enjoying my life here... think again.

living a campus life...

1. get up early like 6 something in the morning.
2. no time for breakfast.
3. eyes force to open during lectures/tutorials
4. "thunderous" sound from ur tummy.
5. same food every single day.
6. walk down-hill to faculty.
7. walk up-hill back to college.
8. get surrounded by forest.
9. lost connection to the outside world.
10. have to wait more than 30 minutes for shutter to reach the other part of uni which includes : nicer cafe, library, book shop, atm, rapid station....
11. bump into CATS every hour.
12. WORST!! monKeys.... i'm actually living with monKeys. every morning and evening, the monkeys will come out to eat, play, scare ppl, steal 'bra's, tear clothes, overturn the dustbin, use laptop..... maybe around 15 at a time.
13. wash ur own clothes
14. hang ur own clothes ( if rain have to run out crossing all obstacles to grab it )
15. bath with ICE water.
16. shit inside "perfect" toilet.

bla bla bla...

The real meaning of hidup dalam ketakutan & sengsara.

luckily, i got a big gang of wonderful friends. hahaha. makes my life so much happier. thsnks.

some pics taken last week.

entertain ourself after a just-to-fill-the-stomach dinner

best food in my college : mint ice-cream

ohh. eyes so sleepy.

suddenly some memories of last year flashes across...
all bcoz of carol's post.
but i have to exact same feeling.
arrgh... really miss u guys. *sobs*

i'm coming back this weekend!!! yeah~

till we meet then... muaxx.