Thursday, July 31, 2008


goodness. my room now is noisy... with laughter.. arguments.. bla bla bla..
lots of programming java languages flying here and there. my eyes half closing listening to them ( bee, esther, fish ball & dream ) HELP ME!!!!!!

arrgh... bee and esther keep shouting-begging-crying for programming answers. that fish ball is EVIL. oh.. now two of them rolling on the floor. swt! crazy. i'm going crazy. PROGRAMMING is scary. my last program turn out to have errors here and there. why? i dunno!!!!!!! the one thing i hate bout programming is u happily start to program something for a long time, then when u run.. PROCESS not COMPLETE!. *shoot*

now i'm scared that the ppl in the next room will knock on my door and say : amoi.. sekarang dah pukul dua pagi. takda jam ke?


Programming. WHY create such language??


bee come kacau di.. scolding me why i blogging instead of doing lab ques together. hahah. for the whole hour... the words that i hear most is I DUNNO! WHY?? AIYO. DUN ASK ME!! HOW??? TELL ME LAR... SO FAN AR... this sub dont suit me lar. HAHA. WO BU HUI!!!! huh?? DO YOURSELF LAR. fish ball, check mine plz. SHIT..

i shall post something happier next day. cant do it now. no mood. bye~


Anonymous said...

bee ting is like tat d
she is very noisy + fan
actually programming is easy
do remember when you face a problem or an error which you can't solve
do d algorithm first then think about it
if you failed 2 get it
then try this solution


do not ever forget 2 put ;;;;;;

purple_star_88 said...

wah!! ang tze hua... izit u??
scary o. can teach me programming adi!! haha.. ( wei, dun forget me and esther same group with u!! )