Wednesday, July 23, 2008

attitude problem!

its almost 12 mid night.. just pour hot water into my maggie cup as i'm too hungry to go to bed. this is my 2nd cup today. both consider as my poor dinner. *sobs* damn pathetic right? aiyo...

actually today is not that terrible lar. just came back to my room not long ni. went to attend UM Buddhist Association - Malam Suai Kenal.

RM5 for the ticket


consider cheap as there are so many performances about 2 hours ++. and souvenirs. i would say its a very successful night. most of the performance are quite touching. especially the drama. goodness. i tried so hard to hold back my tears.



well. what attitude problem i would like to discuss is a super duper long story. and my maggie is waiting for me now. so.. post it next time la.

love u guys~ muaxx!