Friday, July 11, 2008

i'm back - part 2

hey friends! how's life??

another week gone and lots happened. i really dunno where to start. hmm, start on my daily lectures? or u prefer to know bout my lecturers? i know la. u guys love me gossiping right? hehe. BUT sorry sorry sorry. i dont think its a good idea to talk bout my lecturers here lar.. since u know they're computer genius. haha. they might hack into students profile or whatever.

well. monday. [ programming ]

although its just a INtroduction to this subject.. i notice ????? sign keep popping out of my head. i'm not complaining its boring or what. i actually have interest in it. thanks to the lecturer actually. his teaching is exciting. not boring i would say. i wonder how long will it take to create SHIN YEEN-the programmer geek. hahaha. choi! tak mau...

tues [ mathematics ]

aiks. this is scary. no joke. the lecturer, from london i think. walau.... his teaching style is totally different from malaysian style ok!!! i really need time to catch up. i feel STUPID in math class. the first lesson is SETS. its not the simple sets which i familiar. i'm sad. ALL back to the principle of Sets. Lecturer keep confusing me bout WHY 1+1 must be 2? not 3 or 4? arrgh.............. die. Lets say this topic Sets got 10 sub-topics, he only manage to touch 2 subs in 2 hours and expect us to study the rest our own??? i miss SPOON-FEEDING learning technique. the final hour he start teaching Function. WTH. i'm so blurr.. ( reminds me of trac and amelia.. hahaha )

p.s : alot of homework. *sobs* i need help.

wed [ computer system & organisation ]

this is worst. i slept during this lecture. i just couldnt stand. BORING. BORING. and... BORING. i totally forgot what this sub is about.

thurs [ principles of information system ]

before i even learn a single thing. ASSIGNMENTS + PROJECTS + TUTORIALS DISCUSSION IN GROUPS etc.. arrgh. again, i dunno whats this about. kill me!!

ahah!! my favourite! todays lesson.

let me introduce - TITAS ( name so glamour right? ) bullshit.

what i learn this afternoon? NOthing. FYI, this subject is all about TAMADUN I****. what lecturer did is, she just put on slides of words.. read them softly and click 'next slide'. AMAZING.. oh, but no one slept in her class. WHY? coz some are chit-chatting, online with laptop under the table, sms, drawing circles and laugh ( which is my selection of passing time ) hahah. cant blame me ok. use ur imagination!

FORGET bout that. talk bout the happy parts! hehe.

i love my seniors. they really take care of us lor. bring us here and there. what problem we faced they offer their help immediately. THANKS ALOT. ( pasar malam, dinner and yam cha.. everything. ) had a great time with them. they talk damn lot of nonsense also. haha.

went mid-vally shopping with my new gang few days ago! hehe.

sorry catherine and mei shi, next time only put ur pics k?

bought a new watch and jacket! heheh.
finally, got to eat what i call FOOD!



staying in hostel isnt tat terrible lar. just the TOILET. arrgh. most of my friends suddenly 'sembelit'. really, those things really wont come out!! thanks to my mum, make me eat all kinds of fruits. i manage to push all most of it. hahahaha.

this week,



another reason why we got 'sembelit'.

this is just ONE of the boxes of junks. got a few more boxes. and mostly chocolate!!!

ohh ohh ohh!! must show u guys my room!

i'm starting to appreciate and accept the beauty of my room UNTIL..

i saw J.Loi's room. its not even a hostel! looks like a hotel adi. not 5 stars lar but at least also got 2 stars!!! ish. look at mine!!!



if anyone thinks it looks good, thats just because i'm a good photographer!

-shall take a break now- tata!


-amelia- said...

foo shin yeen!im not blur la...mayb a little...lolz enjoying reading your blog =P