Tuesday, August 4, 2009

R e L a X ed

omg omg omg! i just finished my WXES2103 exam today! *shouts* so darn relieved right now. Although feeling really exhausted, but dun wanna take my nap now la. I wanna have the chance to be awake doing nothing! *wink* ( plus, ahpa & ahbu going for date tonight. HAHAHAHAHA ) i can't wait i can't wait i can't wait. Over excited...........

Looking at the album of Freshie Camp in facebook, GOODNESS GRACIOUS! damn ridiculous pics all uploaded. Especially...... *cough* i'm thinking whether to upload an album of it also. Hmm, see got time anot la. 1000++ pics. Wanna filter also can die. So, be patient la k?

[ something unwanted just happened, not going to mentioned it again here. Almost got heart-attack. Wait, that did happened. wtf. *shiver*]

ok la, now wanna help ahbu dress up for her date adi. So long..... hahahahaha.