Friday, August 21, 2009

Goodness Gracious.

my one-week holiday its almost O.V.E.R. and i did nothing on my studies.

Start feeling stress squeezing up to my head adi.


So many piled up tutorials, assignments and projects need to be done. I secretly wish for 30 hours per day. ( er, its 34 hours actually but shhhhh..... )

I dunno what am i crapping now. I feel bit dizzy after writing an essay about H1N1 for my oral presentation. Darn. =( How am i suppose to give a presentation about it for 5 minutes? *pening sial* whatever.

Anyway, i wish all my coursemates all the best! Can't wait to see u guys on Monday!

To my 2-ss family, i miss all of u. Going back tmr night! *wink*