Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Desert -Delight

i'm going through a hectic week. Again another super duper short post. Just for the sake of JESS LOKE! ( she requested that my blog needs to be updated ).


I know she look abit retarded... ( secretly i think she look slightly, no..ALOT more )

This girl, someone whom i knew for 15 years! and its still counting....OMG! ( i cant believe i survived from this torture ) hahahahaha..... but since u came all the way to find me for dinner, ignoring the fact that ur going to spread H1N1 flu virus to me.... i shall be nice to u for the whole month la. *wink*


Remember this desert babeh! u wont have the chance to eat it when December comes!!

Shit la. Today very 'satbai'. Pics all so abnormal. EEWWWW! but still, i will post it up la. Coz i look so much better compared to u! x0x0. hahaha!