Sunday, March 21, 2010


What a Saturday night i had. Just came back from a board-game session at mcD. Shocking right? BOARD GAME! To be more specific, Monopoly. omg... ever heard of this game before? Its impossible for someone to NOT know about this game. Actually is kinda a random plan since few of us are extremely bored. U should see Ollie keep saying WHAT TO DO WEIH for the whole night. Hahaha... In the end, we decided on this!


Ever since.... i cant remember but definitely more than few years i didnt touch this board. Ting said i used to play it every week when i was in form 1 or 2 ( ur joking right Ting? ). I totally cant remember i had such exciting activity when i was young. But hey! Who say this game was out of date? So not. We had so much fun playing it and was later joined by the rest. ( u guys know who la, i lazy name all here ) hahaha.... 10 of us that aged around 22.... sitting around a small table concentrating hard on the game weihh. Anyway, i had a great time with u guys. Next week another board game? LOL! See you ppl around.


june.yeoh said...

didnt know you had a blog! haha
i linked you aite :)

purple_star_88 said...

how u found out then? hahaha... Thanks ya! See u around. =p

Jyphoon said...

Haha, let's play.

purple_star_88 said...

Sure! I'll bring it to PJ one day. =p