Saturday, March 27, 2010


What hanging am i talking about? Well, i just hanged my clothes last night. That's one of it. But not the one i'm going to talk about now. Hahaha.. Its almost half past 2 in the morning now. I just got back hanging out with a bunch of friends. Brussels @ JayaOne. Honestly, its been a long time since i hang out there. Its so damn near where i'm staying at PJ but i hardly 'yamcha' around that area adi. (I am seriously busy with my assignments u know.... lol...)

Ok, its just a Friday night where u're not suppose to be staying at home facing the walls of ur room but go out chill with ur friends la. Got a text from Ling asking me happy hour at PJ. So, less than 2 hours back in Subang.... i headed back to PJ. omg...... Stuck in the jam for........ i dun wanna recall how long. =.= But its a great night. Had fun catching up with Ling, Adeline, Ting, Ollie, Benedict, Leon and the last person that joined us just now, Sean. =p

Somehow, i just love my day.

In the afternoon went shopping with my girls. OMG! Its been a freaking long time. I cant remember when was the last time we went shopping weihh..... Finally we did it again! Loving u guys more and more. I really miss hanging out with u all laaaaaaaa........



And i still cannot stop thinking bout that PEARL queen weihhhh.... oh, this is about the lady we saw at Old Town Signature today. OMFG. She is damn hilarious but i dunno how to describe it here. U have to seeeeeeee urself weih.. (I hope she doesn't read my blog)


Shit. I'm hungry. Oh no! I'm going get my post done and sleep. NO SUPPER SHIN YEEN!


Here u go! Latest photo of the 4 of us. Muaxx!!

oh YA! How can i forget to mention this. I went movie with Amelia, Sian & PohCheng last Sunday! First movie ever since..... hmmph~

Anyway, I kinda like this movie - Alice In Wonderland.


Maybe because i didnt put high expectation on it la. Most of the comments i heard before watching it was JUST average. So, guess not putting any hope on any movie might actually helped. U will enjoy the movie by the end of the day. Hahahaha...

Alright. I'm going to do SOMETHING then have a good night rest. Sweet dreams my dears.