Saturday, November 1, 2008

gosh - - - - ~

The whole text book on Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Melayu is waiting for me to explore YET, i come up here doing some random post.






basically, this week i used up most of my time STUDYING! ( its a joke ). ok lar. HALF! its boring... so i have to find some other ways to entertain myself.

oh, went watch High School Musical 3 two days ago! with my high school mates. ( san, ting, trac, adel, olie, nikki, jin & her boy ) i cant believed i actually watch with u ppl. its like, half of the group kinda lost contact adi. Haha. Anyway, OMG...OMG.... did i mention before how hot is ZAC AFRON?? *drools*

anyone want to watch with me again? =p ZAC AFRON.

after the movie, nikki suddenly has the urge to cut her hair...SHORT. not shoulder length type but VICTORIA BECKHAM type. ( i think shorter wei! ) i forgot how long she struggle making this decision. In the end, u did it and u look GREAT. no joke. ( sian say u look very WILD now. hahahaha ) k lar. i know u wanna go MOS show off. GO GO!

some pics taken while waiting...

trac, san-poser, me & adel


*kick San away...*


*not letting u in the pic! *


* ARRGH!! ting ( in black ).... why pull me away.... *


oh.. Olie is here!

DSC00050 (1)

SHIT. my titas. gtg. [ might MIA for a long time ] sorry ~


rachel said...

*hug*gambateh neh^^
TITAS really making ppl sick and mad...hahha!anyway,jia you! add oil together^^

purple_star_88 said...

hahaha. YES LAR!!! i know. stupid titas.