Thursday, November 6, 2008


this is what i felt like doing after my TITAS exam 2 days ago.

omg. i should have just burn the book into ashes, stir with water and drink it. ( if u think is pointless... THATS WHAT I"M TRYING TO SAY! ) i cant believed i wasted my time reading ( half ) the text book and tried so many past year papers! Complete pointless. WTF.. so geram!!!!!! The questions all so tough. =( even brushing up ur " tembak jawapan saja " skill wont help u. ARRGH. i'm not going to talk more bout it. End.

feel like committing suicide yesterday.

Just got home 2 hours ago with a more relax mood. Trying to calm down after the DISASTROUS-PROGRAMMING exam yesterday. This is far worst than i thought. When i first look at the question paper, nearly faint. ( hands shaking, heart beating extremely fast ) After two hours of mind bursting session ( but no results ), i logged off the computer, step outside the lab.. saw everyone's sad or should i say motionless faces. ( i'm trying hard to hold back my tears when some of them started crying ) Catherine practically screaming all the way back to hostel. Haha. i'm just speechless. DAMN. DAMN. DAMN. WTF.

To cheer everyone up, i dunno who suggested to go Mid Vally for dinner and catch a movie. 16 of us went. er.. *thinking* me, bee, esther, bom, rach, connie, cindy, catherine, mag, philip, frederick, frank, xiao xuan xuan, kenny, holimAR... ( still got one more... WHO?? ar... ) Oh! Quinn... sorry. knock head on the wall - how can i forgot u. ISH...

hehe. to be honest, i have more than 100 pics to post BUT i'm too lazy to do that. so, just a few ok?

#1 - girls, before going out ( bee is going to bite my head off after seeing this pic. HAHA ) but seriously, philip! u are a lousy photographer.


#2 - girls again, at Kim Gary ( the guys went for burger king instead ) eh, this unknown 'quite' leng cai guy can take a photo SO MUCH better than u Philip Beh.


After dinner, went walk around the mall aimlessly! Most of the shop already closing at this time ( 9.45pm ) so, didnt get to buy anything. But.....

#3 - HEHE! suddenly spotted this cute little machine car.


#4 - OMG. as u all know, ah bom is very tiny right? BUT imagine this! She can fit inside the 5 years old toy!!!! wth.


#5 - Another childhood... haha!



the movie starts at 11.45pm.... so, what all of us did to occupy ourself? ARCADE. i didnt know so many of us crazy bout car racing games. Haha.. but it was fun! next time go play again..!!!!! =p

AND.. POOL. ( the girls suck at this, but still want to play and laugh. *sigh* )

#6 - poser....

ok. MOVIE! omg. i really dunno how to express my feelings towards this movie. PLEASE go watch Tropic Hunter to understand it. A reminder : bring tissue in. U will 'swt' alot. =S

for more pics, plz log on to my facebook account. i'll try to upload more pics there asap.

p.s : one more week... Yeah!


plank ton said...

aiseh 8 po.. no nid cry la.. cos we all also dunno how to do de... but guess after yesterday nite activity u feel much better rite?? after all da laughter n lame movie.. hahahah

purple_star_88 said...

hahaha. yalor. go out with 8 gong mar. Mood sure change de =p ( after the movie feel like killing someone ok - philip ) Hahahah.