Friday, November 28, 2008


hehe ^.^ as u all can see, i got a new look for my blog now. Thanks to my dear Rachel. I'm really glad to have her as my friend. She always help everyone without asking anything in return, noble indeed.

ok. SO? what have i been busy-ing for the past few days? besides YAM-cha and... yam-cha... i went sing k with my buddies. ( but i dunno since when my buddies list now officially added 2 new characters which is Philip and my sister-Ben ) Anyway. i found my favorite k-box now which is NEW WAY! omg. i should have just change to NEW WAY instead of going RED BOX for past few err years. SHIT. if only i knew NEW WAY is so much nicer, bigger.. comfortable!!

although there were like 8 of us, sian still can lie down happily.. ignoring the rest of us~

DSC00115 (1)

Why say YES to New Way?
* huge rooms
* more microphones
* have toilet facilities in the room itself
* damn clean
* nice comfy sofas
* GOOD food ( i'm serious. RED BOX really suck at this )

talking bout the food, the main course is LARGE! i mean the portion. Most of us cant finish what we ordered. But the appetizer.. haha, imagine 3 small chicken wings OR 3 small squids in a big plate. *faints* Still, its delicious. FYI, i'm going again tomorrow~ Muahahaha... ( suddenly my throat sore, as if it knew i'm going to hurt it again )

one thing for sure. I AM not going to Secret Recipe for at least a month. Goodness. Just this week i've been there to yam-cha twice. I'm sick of chocolate banana & chocolate indulgence adi. ( ppl, we have to find new place to hang out other than SR, OTK fast... )

ish! although i'm having my holidays, i still cant seem to have the time to do what i want!! omg.. i have 3 tags waiting for me to answer. ( sorry, sorry! ) erm, maybe i'll do one after this post using my precious sleeping time. Haha. JK! the rest i'll just try my best to finish next week coz i wont be available next 3 days! Friday would be sing k with another 2 friends ( adeline and chor oon ) & bbq party at piggy's house. And trip to MELACCCA during the weekends! yeah~~ plz dun get sun-burn again.. *sobs*



Shin Mei said...

new way ???
but the screen for song list is small laR ~ haiyoyo ~

purple_star_88 said...

hahaha.. true also. to choose songs is abit tough but overall its much better lo =p