Tuesday, November 11, 2008

3 down - 2 more to go.

a new week has begun.

*yawns* i'm sleepy now. Plus its heavy rain outside at this moment makes me feel like throwing myself on the bed NOW! so, i guess this post will be short and sweet. ( er, sweet? haha. no la. )

Had my CSO-exam this afternoon. I'm satisfied with it. Manage to answer more than half of the paper. ( unlike the previous 2 subjects ) Hehe!!

Since Rachel got car, without wasting this privilege, we as in me, rach ( of course ), bee, cindy and bom went to Mid-vally for dinner. ( again )

Like what Mr. 8-gong said, GIRLS make a big fuss about what to eat. unlike GUYS who will satisfied with roti canai. SO, we went to NANDO's. =p





sorry ppl. i'm too tired to post more. With all this pics, i'll stop now. OO! i just realized i'm gaining weight. WTF. Cant eat more... ( arrgh... but tmr going Secret Recipe... how?? ) Dun care dun CARE! ish.

OMG!! when i turn around... i saw something.


SOMEONE is sleeping on my bed. ARRGH!.. *cry* ( i'm going to shoo her away. Hehe! ) haihz... not that evil la. Just sleep on the floor lo. What to do.... or i'll just continue with my newly-addicted-to-it-game ( Typing race ). HAHa!



Shin Mei said...

stop eating la ~~ ur blog full with the places u went eat and eat ...=.= ..

purple_star_88 said...

hahahahaha.. now very fat adi lar... ish!!!

plank ton said...

aiya.. shinyeen.. no nid to tell la.. everyone knows u r fat ade.. hahahahahah..