Tuesday, August 5, 2008


ah. back from PD trip with seniors last night. my whole body ache-ing now. HOW?? very uncomfortable lar. Play too much adi!! haha!

not only that. i didnt sleep during the trip! although the activities seniors planned ended at 12+ am, few of us ( me, bee and rach ) play "Mafia" with seniors UNTIL almost 6 am. Damn... the next event start at 7.30! so, one hour of sleep make us feel so Energetic! (yeah right) haha.

Before we "sleep"....

cant blame us lar. we kinda 'high' that time.

overall, this trip was fun. especially when we at sea. ERRR.. actually not quite. hahah. well, first thing is the sea water is SO SALTY! wth. and the seniors catch us and throw us into to sea dunno how many times. SOBS! very scary ar. this must be why i'm having body ache NOW! ish...

i dun have much pics of us playing. all with seniors. will try get from them a.s.a.p. hehe. =p here are a few...

me & xin yee in the bus.

me & bee! love u~

catherine, rachel, me & esther!

as u all know, i dun have sufficient sleep for a week. (everyday), this is what happen during class this morning!

bee took evidence of me sleeping soundly in lectures... aiks.

I'm going to drink coffee tmr before class. if not history will repeat itself. ARRGH.

p.s. - i'm going to start playing FaceBook.


pahkiat said...

luckily u din mention which senior who throw u into d ocean...haha.enjoy ur 1st year of university life.