Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sem Break-ing Soon...

1. I'm in a huge depression now.

2. I felt that way everytime i'm back from math tutorial.

3. Should i jump down from my room window? NAH! ( staying at basement - what's the point ).

4. Waiting for bee to come my room and cont with our I.S. assignment. SAD. presentation is TOMORROW!! * hopes everything goes well *

5. Going for PTUM meeting later in the evening. ( to all my buddies out there, plz prepare some money to donate. i'm collecting it for this event. " $_$ " haha. adeline, i know u promised. tracey, u dun be KIAM SIAP k. Jess, ur from kota kemuning. San, skip clubbing one night then can donate >RM50. carol, working now I KNOW!! others not mentioned... still have to go YAM CHA with me. hahha! )

6. Yesterday went for an AJK interview for MGS ( Malam Gemilang Sepuluh ). its like our MPT5&6. Dunno will get a place anot though. i put Aturcara & Protokol as my 1st choice. arrgh... they better dun put me in my LAST choice which is the Dana & Tajaan thing. * pray *

7. Suddenly, i miss dancing. TRACEY!!!! i wanna continue lar..... HOW HOW HOW?? can we put it on weekends?... i dun care adi lar. CALL joel =p

8. Feeling emo now. I miss u guys.

9. BUT its ok. COZ i'm going back this WEEK. hahaha!

OHH. time to cont my assignment. SIGH~~