Sunday, August 31, 2008


my country - Malaysia officially gained independence for 51 years. congrats... ( still in process to develop more and mature in a faster rate, i hope ) hmm, my uni mates are all happily counting down at sungai wang. I WANNA JOIN u guys... *sobx* nvm. next year next year.

i'm back at Subang here. no big celebration though. the street seems pretty quiet. even the traffic lights changes more rapidly. Haha. cant see national flags hanging around and no Jalur Gemilang could be heard. ( is this a normal situation? or... ah, no politics here. ) i've never been to dataran merdeka on the 31st august. watched the celebration on tv through live coverage YEARSSSS ago. cant remember what's going on. i really wanted to go this year as i believe myself as someone who love their own country. ( yeah right.. ) anyway, changed my mind after someone told me that if i go dataran merdeka tmr morning, i get stepped to death also no one will know. idiot. WHO TOLD ME THIS???

talking bout malaysia, suddenly remembered an interview shown on tv one hour ago. its an exclusive interview with Lee Chong Wei. Really, i sympathize him alot. having to bare with the pressure from fellow overly-excited-too-depend-on-him-malaysian.. haihz. he did his best lar. I mean, who wants to lose in a battle? everyone also hope they can win. he deserve to get all the support from malaysian. Keep up the good work!!! =p ( i am not a big fan of lee chong wei b4 this olympic, trust me. )

although didnt manage to go countdown celebration, i did not get myself stuck at home either. went to Subang Parade. wow. Changed damn alot adi. few months haven been there. aiks. after dinner went shopping with mum! muahahaha. yeah~~~ this time no need to pay myself adi. *wink*

i love to come here when i was young, maybe 4-5 years old like that where on the roof of subang parade there's fun-fair right? where u change tokens and went up the rides... haha.

i was going to post something last night around 3 that time ( sorry, should be morning ), and i was chatting with rachel half way then..SUDDENLY out of no where....a HUGE! i'm not kidding... a REALLY BIG FAT cockroach fly into my room through the window!!! arrgh... goodness!!! i almost started swearing. ( i didnt coz rachel forbided me from doing it. haha! ) yuck~~ i hate cockroach the most among insects family. ( wait, is it even an insect? ) owh.. come to think of it.. really GELI~~~~ so i have no choice but to offline and bring all my pillows into my daddy & mummy's room. AND my eyes are wide open. Come on... its just 3++am.. got too used of sleeping around 4. Already a month! everyday.. Rachel worst than me. 4 something still can online. Wei, continue like this for 3 years ar, we can be taken to the zoo adi la. ( rare panda-born in malaysia ).. *sighs*

completed my mid-sem examination on thurs. obviously, we will go out enjoy enjoy ler! hehe ^.^ went Sungai Wang shopping and Low Yat's red box. really had a great time. ( just too sad we have to go back uni early for PTUM meeting )

sing-k kakies : cindy, rachel, frederick, 'aunty' peisen & me!


fred, can change a new camera phone adi. haha!

mine at least much better.. even its not the best..

'aunty' peisen brought us to eat HEALTHY food after singing. wah. Herbal..



I'm feeling -emo- at this moment. Right now. coz bee just msg me tell me she is clubbing at Aloha! wth. ARRGH!!!!! i wanna go...

*cries* nvm. i shall be good. stay in my room. stop thinking bout bee. stupid. still msg to tell me how HAPPENING it is.. arrgh................... =(

~~~ continue ~~~

shopping kakies : magshi, esther, connie


AHH!!!! i feel -more emo- now! cindy JUST msg me tell me Wilber Pan very leng cai at the countdown celebration. Shit. *cries louder*

~~~ dun care dun care ~~~

one more MOST important person (VVVIP) who didnt manage to take one single pic with us.

bee ting! dun angry.. we love u! er, maybe not me. ALOHA summore!

later at night. NOPE. its am again. Haha... MAFIA gang! played till 5am. addicted adi la.

bee, esther, SP, kenny, quinn, frank, rachel, holim & me

ahh. time to post up WHY i went back home this week.

My DEAR weijie's 20th Birthday..

again, it was a surprise celebration for him. Had to go for badminton with them b4 'yam cha' session in Old Town Kopitiam (OTK).

CRAZY OTK!! i didnt come for few weeks only mar. the price increased till sky high! wth~

this french toast cost me RM4.50!! *faint*

when i saw the menu, i already complaining the price adi. need to increase till so high?? ah, then when my drink came.. i was shocked. THEY CHANGE THE BLOODY GLASS! now is like half the size! siao siao siao...

ok nvm. back to birthday boy.

see! i got u a nice pic. then u can put this as ur msn display pic. THROW away ur china wall can anot.

the 'not usual' cake...

hehe! put this also can... aiks. later yee lian kill me. dun wan lar. dun feel like dying at this age. haha

u & ka how (hehe, no need -jian fei- la. i joking only.)

sian, amelia, yee lian, me, weijie, ming sze.


haihz. 2 more assignments waiting for me. *headache*

OMG!!!! i forgot i have to hand in an article today! dateline is 3 hours ago!! die. RACHEL, CINDY... how how how.... i forgot bout it adi. now suddenly remember. oops! sorry xiao mei. SORRYYYYY.

buddy yeem is online! go chat with her.. stop posting adi la. ^.^ bye~

signing off - 2.49am


Frederick said...
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Frederick said...

Aiyoyo...Pardon me for using lame camera phone k...but it is still a camera wat ~~.~ can use then can liao la..haha...arrrggg.....I miss the chance to see our senior "ah zhong" time still got time I go sing at sungei wang...k...u all come n to throw smelly egg to me...ahahhaa ~.^