Sunday, August 24, 2008

holiday - no more

haihz. sad sad sad!!! one week has gone without me noticing!
ARRGH! dun like it at all. ONE miserable week only WHERE GOT ENOUGH! ( my darling Sian, haven meet u yet. go PD summore lar u. Miss the golden opportunity to see me! ) Haha.

Tomorrow going back UM. My dear college 10th. * cries *
~ no more hot shower
~ no more tv + astro
~ no more air-con room
~ no more comfy bed
~ no more clean toilets
~ no more Sunway Pyramid
~ no more Yam Cha with buddies
~ no more delicious foods & beverages
~ no more ETC ETC ETC!!

what i did this 7 days??
erm. think think. *scratching head*
( besides online + msn + skype + dramas + ... )

1. Lunch with Pn. Ung @ Kai-Ma!

- went SS15, together with brain-less piggo, san & full-brain tracey ( oops, almost forgot miss Jo and 'Jin' =p )

miss Jo isn't in the pic.

from left : brain-less piggo, san, tracey, me.

2. Gathering!

- me, tracey, jloi, carol, jess, dhardhar, xinmin, hengli @ HENRY, chorOON, adeline, Philip BEH jian Jeh?, bryan, weiShen, cindy, audrey, simone, sue-ann, weiTing - ( i didnt miss out anyone right?? sorry if i did )

- really had a great time. AIks. first time i love A.C. ( next time only play pool la k? that night tired adi =p )

so dark lar WEI

3. Journey to Mid-Vally

- hehe! we still had fun right? although didn't get a single item. Feel like hanging around there longer to ( u-know-what-trac ) Haha!

special thanks to Aunty-X who took this pic.

special thanks to Mr-Y...

4. Next trip to One-Utama

- came along Miss Adeline...
- WHITE tube!!!

wah! long time didnt take pic with u my dear! treasure this for life!

hehe! jom makan~

Me : Hey! trac. SeeSEE! this chicken looks like adeline!
Adel : Yeah~ yeah~ peace ^^

err.. we didnt eat Chicken Rice. Went to his neighbour...

haha. sorry chicken.

can let me READ the menu in peace anot? aiyo.

TRACEY LIM! thinking how come i didnt talk bout u?
purposely do that. COZ i know u having fun in POPPY now. (forever clubbing)
haihz. this girl ar.. from one-month-once clubbing TO two-weeks-once clubbing THEN TO one-week-once clubbing NOW PRO TILL one-week-twice!!!

U think u know her in the day... LOOK how innocent she is! Transform into dancing queen at night o! scary. ( yes yes. i'm jealous. BRING ME... *sobs* haha. )


waiting for Ladies Night.


Aiyaya! now 3.20am adi.. OMG! my exam still havent over. Next week right? long time more. HEHE. ( oh no. wait. now is Sunday morning. Means... TMR exam!! arrgh wth! )


adeline said...

white tube white tube!!! when ladies night???im waiting for u leh..

p/s : i dont look like chicken ok