Friday, August 8, 2008


the clock shows : 15 minutes pass 5 in the early morning.

as for the reason why i'm blogging at this time is definitely NOT because of me waking up to do my assignment or having night-mares!

its because i just came back to my room!!!! went to seniors house = convo celebration! BBQ.. again pics not with me. will try get it asap.

actually, the bbq dinner ends around 1 something. Bee lar! so "keh poh" go promised senior that we going 2nd round with them.... haihz.

After bathing + washing hair with cold iced water :

Happy BiRthDay RachEl...

the 2nd round ~
"curry mee"


i cannot stand adi .... feeling sick now. gtg. bye.


pahkiat said...

next time i bring u go chow kit bah kut teh.v can eat n watch free ah kua show...haha

purple_star_88 said...

YERRR!! how u found out my blog de. haha. ah kua show nice???

pahkiat said...

aiya...find ur blog jz a small case la.did u forget u wrote down ur blog in ur friendster d meh...haha