Sunday, October 24, 2010

Walks in life

Received an sms few days ago asking me whether i'm free for a gathering. Primary school gathering. Oh well.... Its been almost a year i guess since i see some of the faces so i decided to drop by after my dinner with daddy.

At Little Bali, ss15 yesterday night for hours. Before changing the night venue to Denice's home. Although not many of us turned up last night, catching up with the 9 of them was a great one.

This is when u realised how people changed and grown to be a better person. When we talked back those time when we were just primary school kids.... just can't stop laughing can we? It was already 10 years back but never get bored of refreshing those memories.

A decade after, all of us are surviving in different fields and having different perception on everything. LOL! Still amaze me how we can all be so connected like we hang out every single day. Guess its like how they say : I've known u for ages!

Let's hope another gathering will be organise soon! Am so looking forward to it my friends!

For now, wishing all of u the best in both studies and careers!