Friday, October 1, 2010

Celebrations and joy


Just to clarify, its not a wedding registration counter where we all busy with the bride and bridegroom guests.... its one of my uni BFF birthday.


Celebrated his birthday at W.I.P. @ Bangsar. Well, food there was nothing special compared to the price u have to pay. However, thumbs up for the Pizza! Especially the beef ones.


Love this group picture!


Here's the birthday boy! 22 years of age now. STILL SINGLE. Anyone interested can give me a call..... hahaha.... joking! (for the give me a call part). More commonly known as Quinn to all his friends here, somehow became my "eggie". The story why we ended up calling each other "eggie" is just too long to be repeated again. Haha!


Ur officially 22 now my dear. A joyful person to hang out with. U never failed to make everyone beside u to burst into laughter... although most of the time we tend to pretend those lame joke that u said is not at all FUNNY.


Did anyone tell u that ur such a W.O.W. person? Keep it up okie!

In an awkward situation, its always thankful to have u around to lighten the atmosphere. U can be such a nuisance that's why we can't help but to whack u. But thank you for not running away. LOL!


Sincerely wishing u HAPPY 22nd BIRTHDAY! May u live ur life to the fullest, all ur dreams come true and blessed with good health.


I know i can be harsh on u sometimes.... sorry if i did gave u a hard time! hahaha....


But i'm pretty sure when we open our eyes big enough, we know that we do care for each other! HAHAHA! I'm glad having u as a friend and "brother".


♥ lots.