Sunday, October 3, 2010

Treasure Hunt

I got a phone call last week asking me to participate in some charity Treasure Hunt. Teaming up with Elaine & Tracey! Hahaha.... was so reluctant at first but everything was worthwhile.

This event was organized by the 'Rukun Tetangga' of my housing area. So this morning, eight of us including Ting, Jin, Ollie, Arwin and Johwyn woke up like 7am, all prepared to hunt!

Ok, since my group forgot to submit our team name.... the organizing committee decided to name us - THE POWERPUFF GIRLS. Such a fantastic name right i know. LOL! Anyway.... the game requires us to use both our mental and physical for 2 long hours straight. Gosh..... so exhausting by the end of the day when we handed in our answers. But definitely a great experience for all of us. Kinda fun though!

So, while we're having our nasi lemak as brunch under the tent........ they call out TRIXIA LEE TING TING as one of the lucky draw winner! She won 2D1N stay at Summit Hotel! Weeee~ *claps*

As for the POWERPUFF GIRLS...... tadah! Consolation prize! Woots! Consider 5th among 24 teams weihh.... credits to both my team mates. Wouldn't make it without them. *hugs*


Doesn't this photo reminds u ur school sports day.... cant remember it was how many years ago i got a medal. HAHAHA! Love u guys. Let's participate next year as a team again k!