Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ole-ole Bali


Weeks ago, the bunch of us had our first try at this particular Balinese restaurant for god-knows-what celebration. Ahh, we sure have plenty of reasons...... =p After spending hours deciding which outlet (Empire Shopping Gallery / Sunway Pyramid / Solaris Mont Kiara), we headed to the first choice!


Personally, i think having another type of cuisine other than western definitely refreshing.

The serving portion here is kinda large..... but i'm sure there shouldn't be a problem for guys.


Besides having yummilicious dinner, i would say that the environment here is quite awesome. We sat outside at the open-aired area, with water-fountain accompanied us..... dim lights decoration turned the whole place into a relaxing chill-out-spot!


Recommended. Yes. =)


miSsshinvv said...

recommended . Yes ^^
me too .