Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Loft, Upstairs!

Halloween Party yo!

Pictures of the night i really didn't wanna post at anywhere but my lpz insisted so gonna have some sneak peak here then! If not she gonna WTF-u-take-pic-that-night again me later. GRRR!

Last minute preparation.... nothing much we can come out with so we rushed to Toys' R' Us and try our best to grab some accessories!

- lpz busy choosing her face mask -

- how genius of lpz! -

Definitely a NO! hahaha.... i'm not going anywhere with her in that mask. *shake head*

How bout something more witchy-bitchy?

- this is more like it! -

But then again..... might be too troublesome... so we picked out the most common-easier-to-wear DEVIL HORNS!

- awesome-powsome -

Add on with this hottie huge shades! Wahhhhhhh~


Alright! After 2 hours of craps in car and room.... ALL SET! *wink*


Partying at KL during a festival seriously not a brilliant idea. Damn.... was caught in a jam that seem gonna be STUCK at the same spot forever! To keep our party-spirit on going..... we started a mini club hits session in the car!


After rounds and rounds... managed to double parked the car and direct our bimbo feipo to the place using iphone4 + google map! Just how amazing technology can save our lives nowadays.

But still.... technology cant bring us inside the club. BIG THANKS to this dino! (i am so sorry i cant remember ur name)


Dino manage to get us all passed the door securities leaving others still in queue.... still squeezing their way through the door. Pheeww! Thank you again for the night! And cool outfit yo!

Meet my lpz AGAIN! *love*


And the bimbo feipo!!!


Hehehehehe.... wild cat that night huh! Woot~ Oh ya, i'm seeing u this Thurs! Rmb pick me up k?

New friend that night! Superb girl to party with.... Saran!


- Love this pic much -

Besides not really enjoying HOUSE music, the people that night was great! Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!