Thursday, April 9, 2009

zero nine zero four zero nine

A short and sweet ^_^ post on my group Software Engineering(SE) presentation today. This assignment if i'm not mistaken is the FIRST assignment given to us this sem. But surprisingly.. ( er, not really la... haha ) it ended at my very last lecture for this sem. The time taken to complete this project which is to develop a software for a company is long. Seriously long. Months. I just realized how tedious a software development process can be. Luckily for me, i have 5 other excellent group members!!! Really big thank you to all of them. =p

My group members :

sorry, just an SS pic of me & bee

together with -the wild- Sharifah

Incomplete : Us with our SE lecturer Dr. Rodina

Completed!! hahaha..

And finally,

My wonderful group mates!

bee, junyen, ian, sharifah & vahid

That's all. Time for my dinner. =p