Friday, April 24, 2009

exhausted - no?

OMG!!! i'm so so so damn relieved right now. Ok, not exactly now but at 1.30pm today. Right at that moment, when i handed up my exam answer sheets. *sigh*...

i guess most of us ( as in my course mates ) are feeling the same. Well, we had a terrible night yesterday. Having to cope with TWO SUBJECTS at a time. Stress like hell. I almost-goingTo cry last night but manage to pull my strength back to studies. I dun understand why we had such luck - having to sit both Artificial Intelligent and Software Engineering papers early morning with just an hour break between them. Idiot!!! *bang head*

Anyway, manage to pass this obstacle ( with some scars ).

So, after the hectic 4 hours exams, we went Mid Valley for lunch. Paddington - House of Pancakes. er, due to the fact that we only have 1-2 hours of sleep, we look kinda pale and ugly. So didnt take any pics. HAHA!

Movie watched - Sniper


Just forget bout the storyline. All the guys inside there are H.O.T. damn!!!!

hahaha.... wanna watch Confessions of a Shopaholic now. =p

xoxo *wink*