Friday, September 19, 2008

smashing hits.

i wonder why i titled this post as above.

*still wondering*

haihz. lets just say i'm out of topic to blog.

its been a long time since i'm up here. MIA seriously.

i really cant find a time to upload pics or tell stories bout my life!! feel very depress now. busy with so many things. ( trying hard not to involve in too many things. RESPONSIBILITY - is a huge thing to carry )

finally done with my TITAS project + presentation an hour ago. *Glee*
two more assignments to rush. ( programming and information system ) both which i suck at it. wanna cry adi la. but thanks alot for those who helped me or given me advise. Appreciate it very much. *Sadhu*

PTUM expo and exhibition officially come to its end. Final and last event would be the Cultural Night on October 7th. Great job i would like to say to all PTUM ajk. expecially my bureau executives ( edwin & xiao mei ) - i know our bureau should have been much better.... sorry we disappointed u guys at times. But what happen, what we did together to make our publicity works, i'll remember it always. Thinking back now, its a great experience. =p

Went Sunway Euphoria-Ministry Of Sounds last night... had great fun even though the session is all Techno. personally, i prefer R&B. next time next time!! hehe. But seriously, its overly crowded.

~ coming up event is my college Pesta Tanglung. Tenth college on the 10/10/2008.
Now everyone is busy preparing for Dday. Hope our PTCC will be successful. Cheers!!

ok. ok. i i i i i have to stop stop here. Pictures i'll upload here here here soon. SOON. Arrgh.. i need to free myself during Raya. One more week to to go.

CiaO ~


pahkiat said...

next time dun 4gt 2 bring me go wo...haha.take care

purple_star_88 said...

hahaha. not u bring me meh... =p

Shin Mei said...

wei pretty busy lady ~
how come u have so many things to do ??
hehe ^^
me lOOoo...kaka ~ !!
come ! come ! come back hari raya ar ~~

purple_star_88 said...

apala... got blog didnt tell me.. CHEH. no fun la u~~ i see how lo. u treat me nicer i mar go back for raya. haha=p