Thursday, September 25, 2008

-out - dated-

forgive me for not posting lately. finally manage to squeeze some time out to upload some pics for this post =p

oo. just had an Rubella injection few hours ago. when i saw all the needles and nurses, i thought of U! ( piggo J ) hahaha. still remember how U cry and deny u DIDNT. i miss those times where all of us queuing outside the St. John room, waiting for our turn. Haha. carol and mel was one of us... even wood buddy was there. ( now they're far apart from me... haihz. * come back soon ya! * )

as u all know, PTUM expo and exhibition held last week. let me post some pics for u ppl.. hehe!

* the above part was written around 2 something in the noon. Didnt manage to continue coz suddenly no electricity. DAMN swt. *

nvm, after 12 hours.... haha.

oh ya. i said wanna post up the pics during PTUM events. ( few enough la.. )

back : bee, cindy, rachel
front : ah bom, me, esther
~at the entrance of the expo!~

bee & me! ( arrgh. WHY got that rainbow umbrella???

cindy & me! haihz, cannot stand beside u.. too fair too FAIR!!!

SS king - A.T.H.

SS queen...

- Inside the exhibition -

with dear Rachel. ( and the X-dynasty Emperor )

this time is with Y-dynasty emperor.

- great job & big applause to the exhibition bureau.

found u! Pik Yee.

HAHA! i saw My FM Dj.. Jason & Nicholas!!


Ahahaha. So cute~~~

p.s : PTUM final show. The Cultural Night. October 7th!


AIyaK. how come tracey can blog about our sunway pyramid trip FASTER than me? i thought u have assignments? Dun care. i still wan to post bout last-last Sat when we were there.

BUT... now my mental couldnt stand it anymore. I want to go sleep now. So i will continue tomorrow! haha. =p

GooD nigHt. SweEt dreAms ppl.


Frederick said...

Halo....adik !!!
Mana aku punya photo ?? Mana ?? Mana ??

purple_star_88 said...

apa gambar???? tak da la...