Friday, September 12, 2008


aiya! sorry for the MIA-ing this whole week. been REALLY busy. sorry sorry.

* yes, i'm going to StarBucks tmr night. Wont FFK. u have my word.* ( jess, this reminds me bout our "air-bucks" project!!! haha. FYI, its our idea of combining air-asia & starbucks. We didnt choose "star-asia" for the project name coz it sounds lame right??)

just finish reading rachel's blog. she mentioned bout RESPONSIBILITY. hiahz. i wonder. Yes, damn disappointed this whole week. OR should i say since i joined **UM. i know its not very appropriate for me to talk bout this HERE but i really cannot 'tahan' adi. COME ON guys. ( referring to my biro ) u all, i assumed is qualified university students. If u dont plan to do ur job as an ajk well, JUST BE LIKE philip. DONT join la. so simple as that. My biro supposed to have around 50 members but only around ten came for meeting and all. Those really committed ones only a few. Really feel ashamed. Hello! what's wrong with u ppl? u think we can do all publicity job with only few humans?? its like the whole UM ok. arrgh. ( i feel like cursing - shit ) no no. why would i ruined my day due to ppl like that? Haihz. But its really sad looking how tired and exhausted both my executive. They did a GREAT job. *salutes* arrgh. dun wan waste my time complaining bout this. Never ending story.

Changing to a happier mood~~

GOING back home tmr. ( yeah, i have to stay for TITAS which is on friday everyweek coz my house is near. I wanna skip also... half of my uni-mates are now probably sleeping on their home-sweet-home bed. Left me at college. No heart la u all. ) *sobz* nvm. Let u see what we had for dinner tonight!

HAHA.. couldnt stand the food in college adi. so we decided to order pizza for dinner using the coupons we just bought earlier today.

Canadian Pizza!


Ohh, thanks dear Jason for helping us cut the pizza. Hehe! ( poser la u! )


i really thought ONE regular and ONE large will be more than enough for the 4 of us. ( frank, frederick, rachel & me ). i guess i'm Wrong. haha.
Luckily, we have our malay college mates. they treat us with their 'buka puasa' feast. Really sweet of them. Thanks alot. Everyone eat ONE packet except for Frederick. I dunno how u can finish BOTH packs. Too much!! getting fatter adi summore dun wan to keep fit abit. haihz. ( i know its free, but STILL..... )

it actually taste NICE!!! except very spicy lar. haha.

ohh!! celebrated ah bom's ( my room-mate ) birthday 2 days ago. HAHA. i hope we managed to gave her a surprise. =p

May all ur wishes come true~~

suddenly this word -RESULTS- transmitted across my mind. Got back my CSO ( computer system & organization ) and math results. Did an ok job for my CSO but not math. HAIHZ. what to do. my math lec ( now ex-lec ) standard too high adi. Its kinda difficult for me to catch up with what he's teaching. But i do admire him. ( i just found out that he actually exist in Wikipedia. WOW! ) Just only yesterday i had my math class with the new lec. ARRGH. what she taught us is just mainly BASIC which we learn in form 3! ( SETS ) goodness. i'm not trying to act smart here or what BUT seriously..... she got to do better. Much more~!

Aiks. almost 3am adi. DIe la. looks like my biological clock cannot change back to normal adi.. HOW??? i dun feel tired yet! cannot cannot. Must do something adi. *sigh*


Frederick said...

Wat Fat ???? Dun say me fat hor...i m still in "curve" figure right time sleep earlier la...dun write until so late pity U...Think of ur health la...Mantain Good Lifestyle like me..haha

purple_star_88 said...

i still young mar... u old ppl cannot tahan i understand de. ( haha, yes la. i'm TRYING to sleep early. )

u where got curve now? actually got la. CURVE outwards la. =p

Frederick said...

Hey....u r surprise abt Adam in wiki a...dun worry...ur name will b appear in wiki shortly..haha...check it out...Great Surprise !!