Saturday, June 7, 2008

holiday where where??

ahh! finally chase my cousin away from her com. hahah. updating in johor now. evening. waiting for time to pass.

o. got interrupted! grandma passed a chocolate bar - ghirardelli??? how to pronounce it. whatever. shall eat while typing. hah! yummy. i have no idea what to blog about! lalalalalalalala. shall go check my flickr see see got any pics.

HOHO!!! found one. YEE LIAN's birthday cake.


next next!!

pic of me getting ready to butterworth trip.


goodness. it reminds me how hot is the weather that afternoon. me and ming sze have to walk along petaling street carrying our heavy bags to get this ~

i'm impressed with the BA GUA packing nowadays. no more red-pink plastic bag!

hot hot hot!!! guess where we stopped b4 heading towards Pudu station?

very easy la. i'm sure jess loke is a super fan of it. haha.

what else?? erm.. oh yeah! the bus driver. CRAZY feller. NO NEED to STOP for rest ( what i meant was toilet + food ) luckily, some girls sitting behind us couldn't stand and ran to tell the bus driver. haha.. for a 5 hour++ journey he just stop ONCE! mana boleh tahan......... *--*

my refreshment? poor kid la. "look!"



meet ming sze's COUSINS!

oops. i forgot to put chuan pic into my flickr. nvm. still got his sisters.

this one very AI MEI... forever taking pics of herself too! super scary.

this wan leh.. mischievous like hell la.

oooohh. MISS ER ER. tmr is ur birthday!! hahah.. happy birthday! *winkx*
thanks for inviting me to ur birthday party. last week.

at KFC!

ur friends are so cute.. until they start attacking the (what is the name of the KFC doll?) haha.

terrible terrible~~

i forgot which day we went to a shopping mall.
all i can say is : butterworth ppl dun like to shop.
i'm serious. the mall is as beautiful as SUNWAY pyramid. BUT there is no one inside. goodness me.. we dont even dare to walk in a shop coz all the workers are starring at u!! like they never see customer before. AAAAAHHHHH~ nvm. so we decided to watch a movie. AND GUESS WHAT!

THE HUGE+NEW+clean CINEMA is empty!!!

want to find a ghost also cant...

just now was the place u buy popcorns and coke. let me show u the place they sell tickets.
told u. where is all the HUMANS?

forgot to add. they have a BIG toilet. Due to the lack of usage, they even have to close few doors to save on cleaning expenses.

hahaha. this brings me back to yesterday! went watch KUNGFU PANDA in summit USJ.
well, i'll give the show 7/10. There's quite a number of funny scenes. Even the kungfu stuns looks real. And, the panda is FAT! = there is no secret recipe! = still can be so fat? aiks.

next movie i'm waiting : mummies! and batman.. WOOHOOO!!! till then. =p