Tuesday, June 17, 2008


哇! 天气好热哦~~

just dropping by.
while waiting for my drama-命中注定我爱你 to load..

very sleepy. went chor oon house for breakfast this morning.
the GREAT oon cooked PAN MEE leh. hahah.

one word : yummy! (haha. trac, dun jealous k?)

anyone else wanna make breakfast/lunch/dinner for me? will be glad. hehe=p

eh.. why lar you tube so slow. i wanna finish it quick so i can take a nap before going to Ampang-Look Out Point tonight. haihz.

i go call you tube manager now. COMPLAINT~ ciao.


shinxx said...

hey.. last time u said dont want watch that kind of drama de leh...why now so xing ku wait it load arrr...?? haha...

purple_star_88 said...

hahahaha. yala. all ur fault. plus, i'm very free now mar.