Wednesday, May 21, 2008

~ count down ~

hehe. no need to wonder what i'm counting down. let me enlighten u straight.

i left seven days of teaching life!!!

seven. omg. i really thought i will at least miss my students or the "fun" of teaching. but NOPE. haihz. guess i wasn't meant to be a great teacher. i know that "the pig" keep reminding me how i used to fill up the space of my ambition 13 years ago. THAT TIME I WAS STILL YOUNG ok! [at least teacher is WAY better than scientist]

no worries. at least now i'm 100% sure that i'll never step into the teaching field. (suddenly... something came across my mind = NEVER SAY NEVER!) ah. shit.

anyway!! haha. last friday was HAPPY TEACHERS DAY!
got more than 40 presents. damn happy. haha. in just half a day, the present i got is MORE than those added up since i was born. WHAT??

Take A look...

really appreciate it! thanks alot.

monday was public holiday. how did u guys spent it??
i'm really proud having CAROL as my friend.
seriously. SHE DONATED her BLOOD!!!! oh. haha.. but she had a great time even though she is losing blood. RIGHT??? hehe.. ( naughty wood and "whole brain" )


can u see MISS CAROL LEE?
if u cant, simply knock ur head on the wall 10 times. u should be able to see after that. =p

david cook or david archuleta?? vote wisely america!! as if i know which one is a wiser choice la.. HAH!