Friday, November 11, 2005

~ spm - Bahasa Cina ~

ok.... just came back from my SPM Chinese test!!! Arrgh.... terrible... what kind of question are the ppl setting for us???? huh???

Part A ~ Ques 1 [ as the headmaster, write a notice to form 5 students about a "kem motivasi ] Ques 2 [ didnt do coz u only need to choose one ]
Part B ~ Ques 1 [ the feeling of growing up is good ] Ques 2 [ its raining and ur standing at pathway of shop-houses. describe what u see and feel ] Ques 3 [ talk bout what advertisement can do to teenagers ] Ques 4 [ "secondary students should care for events happening at home, country and the world" give ur own statement ] Ques 5 [ write a news about 2 sisters meet each other after 30 years of separating ] ................................... OMG..... i really BLANK looking at the ques... which one am i going to choose???? i didnt think growing up is a good feeling... i dont really know what i feel when its raining, i hate to write news.... i wanted to write the 3rd ques... but later realised that i got no points!!! so... haihz, i choose the hardest ques i've ever done in my whole life !!! the 4th one!! ohhh........ *sob* i'm so going to fail....

i really thought this paper can make up something for me.... but... when i checked my answer with other ' smarties ' , NO !!!! i'm wrong for most of the ques !!!! i mean it cannot be i'm the one who got the right answer and not them right???? Haihz..... nvm... its over now... guess i'll just have to work harder next time.. [ if there is a next time ] haha....