Friday, November 18, 2005

^-^ ... a SHORT break

haiyo... this week definately is the worst week of my life!!!! for what reason??? SPM-----> the one exam that determine my future..... and i dont think my future is bright now!!!! Arrgh..! shit man...

1. BC - as u all know... its terrible!
2. BM - ohh.. paper one is ok ok.... but for paper 2??? sucks man.
3. SEJ - ahahahahahahahahahahaha..... what a nice paper until paper 2 came out!!!
4. English - ok, i know i memang not good at it but.... english is important! anyway, the first paper is kinda easy... i mean... MALAYSIA!
5. MATH - walau..... and i wasted so much time on it. DUMB ME !! it was so easy!!!!! i'm serious..... how come all the work books ques are so so so tough and SPM is like... hmm..... dont ppl know how to count? u dont even need to think how get a value of something. ITS THERE !!! haihz....
6. PHYSICS - after a simple and useless paper, they came out with this!! paper 1 & 3 was ok lar.... but... paper 2 !!!!!! i didnt even have the time to fill up my blanks with crap! sicky... and SAM WENG YAN!!! u actually got tips and u didnt tell me???? almost all came out from ur tips! u better pray i'm too tired to kill u TONIGHT !!

Haihz... next tues.... MORAL [ i guess ] ! die lar....