Sunday, September 11, 2005

+ Malaysian Idol 2 +

ok.. i have to ammit that this season is not as good as the 1st.... but yeah.. i'm still watching it & supporting some of them ---> Daniel & Nita. Last Saterday.. i think... i went to carefore n MEET the idols! all the top 10 finalist came.. n saiful too... OMG.. he look like a girl... his whole face is full with powder! haha.. ok.. the crowd is good! daniel is so cute !!! arrgh.... haha... i cant believe i actually shouted daniel's name throughout the whole show... i thought i will just be standing there n watch... but yeah.. got excited n... ! haha... almost the whole crowd is shouting for daniel... maybe its not called shouting... its screaming!!!!! all this while i thought only young chinese girls like daniel kind of guys but NO ~ Non chinese girls and middle age ladies were screaming out loud Daniel's name.... oh... thats something funny happened! saiful suddenly just ask the crowd- did all of u guys out there buy my album??? my gosh! it was total silence.... haha.... but as for daniel... it was different case. he too ask the ppl that if he comes out a album, will we guys going to buy it? the crowd just shouted YES!!!!! haha... it was a bit sad for the other idols coz when the other idols is sing on stage... the crowd is shouthing Daniel....Daniel... Daniel.... haih.... but i don't mind... i like him too! in order to shake their hands n get their autograph, i actually bought their album! cost me bout 35 bucks i guess. ( dont remember ). i got all their signature twice.... one on the poster ... the other on the song lyrics. Everything was good except that i had to starve as i haven eaten my dinner until like 11. Haih... sacrifice....