Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Really in need of an angel.

Where are u when i needed u the most? I guess my most important angel now is none other than my mentor. LOL! Well, he is a very nice guy. Offered alot of help to me and told me that i will be his priority for this 6 months. How nice of him right? Hahahah..... Owe him big.

After the 2nd day in IBM, nothing much i've learn. Well, its only like 2 days..... kinda impossible. I told myself not to be so negative bout my industrial training. Yet. Yet. Yet. Basically i cant say anything about my work here. Obviously the product that my team are developing i'm not allowed to mention at all once i step out of the 9th floor. And the company have this policy which is CLEAN DESK where not even an email address should be left on your table. Er, my mentor told me there are plenty of policies i have to follow but that's for now. Ahh!

Understand the feeling of having fast speed internet but u cant use it to online? But i did slack on what i'm supposed to read and went indulge myself in fb, twitter, etc. I spotted some other colleagues are doing that too. Especially FB and MSN. But i guess, all of us are busier switching the windows screens : between work and entertainment. FML.

Oh right, bout my holiday trip....

(to be honest, i'm feeling SLIGHT guilty since i'm suppose to be self learning bout my work now instead of doing T.H.I.S.)

I'll just make it a quick one.

Teluk Cempedak~


Hanging bridge~


Sg. Lembing waterfall~


Redang Beach~



Mo Mo Tea house~


Marine Park~


My favorite group pic!


So that sums up my wonderful holiday. Never knew its gonna end like lightning fast. Anyway, its time for me to focus on my work now. Ciao.