Monday, June 21, 2010

June Baby!

Lacking of updates, i know i know. So sorry about it. Been really busy working as intern k? Eh, wait.... that's so not true. I basically sit there and do nothing (besides reading slides and ebook) in office but the hours of starring at the monitor screen is killing me!! arrgh~

A secret : Me, rachel & connie chat whole morning to decide what for lunch and waste up whole afternoon counting down to 5.30pm. LOL~ shhh.........

Right, so let me just start of with those few birthdays in June that really matters to me. (Its pretty late at night here now, i hope i didnt miss anyone out)

Let me start with yours truly...... LOL!

Dine at La Bodega @ Bangsar.

We're suppose to celebrate at W.I.P. but we went there late after work so no seats are available. Whole W.I.P. is so packed so we changed our plan and headed to the next restaurant.....


The food served was delicious. I really like the pasta here maybe part of it its already like 10pm and i'm starving. Still, its awesome! Definitely a place to recommend for everyone who want a nice, quiet environment and have a memorable dinner.

Baby Bee & Esther Darling

Rachel & Connie

Fei & Philip

Holim & XianNeng

Eggie Quinn, Jason & Su Ann

Guys, thanks alot for the present and cup cakes! Of course for all of u who made urself available that night. Especially my dear ahPa! U came at last! Love u, love u all. Hahaha.....

Next, dear Ming Sze and Yee Lian had a small celebration with me too!


Although its just like a quick dinner together, its definitely a sweet one. We managed to updates each other, laughed at each other nonsense act *cough* and ya, yeelian u get to tell me so many things about ur guy. LOL! Best wishes to u and him. Not to forget, for u and him too, my dear m.sze. I missing u both already..... owh~ Wait for my text!

Buddies of my life, u guys are so freaking adorable. Brought me to Skewers @ Subang Avenue to try out the food but make my tongue numb before hand and make me puke after that. Thank you. LOL! Hahaha.... Its ok, since we're not allowed to break our tradition right? (hint : next bday boy)


Like i've said, i really dunno how good the taste.... but should be quite nice. U can ask my other buddies about it. And now i remembered something. JESSICA LOKE! U OWE ME A DINNER! U BETTER MAKE URSELF FREE AT LEAST FOR ONE NIGHT! *whack* And u promised to tie ribbon around urself and knock on my door. I'm waiting! (without much patient) Hahaha...

♥ trac ♥ amelia ♥ yeem ♥ sian ♥

♥ benbi ♥ philip ♥

I'm being very 'por ma' weihh. So, i'll just keep it short and give u all *hugs* to thank u guys. Perfect 10 are always a nice warm circle in my heart. Muaxx~

June Baby No.2!


Happy birthday boy. Guess u already saw my wall post to u on facebook right? But is ok, let me find it again and copy paste here. U know as a prove in case daddy mummy say how come i didnt wish u. *stickOutTongue*

- Happy birthday. Was thinking whether to wish u here or text u. Btw, is the number u gave me before still works? Oh well, i just checked my phone. I dun have ur Russia phone number so... guess this is the only place i'm wishing u. LOL~ All the best in everything. And ya, this is where i should say "come back soon, miss
...u" but nahhh.... if i said that u prob gonna be so shocked and get heart attack so NOPE! i am not saying that for ur sake. Hahahah. Take care. See u in like weeks time. *bluek*

So daddy told me that u trying to come back like one week earlier. Can don't ar? Hahahaha. U come back means no pps for me adi. Cis. Hmm, or u can start bribing me with souvenirs then i might consider being excited bout it. Anyway, good luck in ur exams now. Have a safe journey back when time comes. I dont miss u but i miss the key chains. Please take note ok? Thank you very much! hahaha.. See ya!

June Baby No.3!

* Beatrice *

Hahaha. Eh, so June 5th is the day we know each other huh? LOL. Just read ur blog. Glad that u like the card. Keep it nicely okie? Its about 7 months in US adi right? Faster come back visit ur friends la. Hehe. =p I know that we hardly chat after i started working but i'll try to find time la. Perhaps weekend when i can go to bed slightly later. Take good care of urself alright! Dun live so unhealthy life la. Hahaha.. u know what i'm saying. *wink*

June Baby No.4!


Guess ur high up in the sky right now! LOL~ Happy birthday to u bro. Known u like almost 12 years adi weih izit? Amazing! Decade definitely. From a young boy to a macho now, ur slowly fulfilling ur dreams. Best wishes to u and good luck in ur future undertakings. Stay bright and cheerful like always. ♥ (p.s. : exams over for u, eat more ok? Buff up again! hahaha.)

June Baby No.5!


Benbi!!! Ok la, its ur birthday so i will be nicer to u. To my dear Benjamin, happy birthday! Ur officially 22 just like me now! woot. How's the feeling like huh? Are u secretly awaiting for ur 'death' sentence? LoL. I hope philip really spins ur head later. (Let me give him a call....) Any birthday wishes? No matter how many are there, i hope that all of it will come true! Stay as CUTE as ever benbi. We all love u! xoxo~

Next pic would be ur drunk photo ben! HAHAHAHAHAHA!


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give u the next ,darling ! we should have a meal ~