Monday, September 7, 2009

Oh Shit - test.

I thought i dun give a damn to it but NO! i do really care! I DO!!!!! *yelling* Although i must admit that i knew last minute study is the reason why my results suck, but habit is something u will never change. Sigh. Next tasks awaiting me on my desk are writing a cover letter and also resume for my mock job interview which probably happens on Wed or Thurs hopefully. If not i have to wear formal-outfit for another week. EEWWW~

ok whatever. Heading back to my previous post which i wanted to talk about how i spent my end of August!! Really had a great time hanging out with my 2 bunch of buddies. Tired but satisfied. *wink*

Of course, most important of all is my OLD-time buddy TING TING's birthday! wuuhooo~ cheers for u my dear. Being 21st isn't that tough after all eh?

see see! another cute pic of u right on top of my blog. Happy? hahaha....

Friday night at her house party...

salute ur mum weihh! delicious hell.....

nikki & kheng posing with PINK LADY. swt....

Ting, i've known u for 15 years also! same with that jess-pig. Remember how we meet when we're at Lick Hung class 1G? hahahahaha.... i have no idea la actually. wtf.

Just want to keep it short and simple! Ur one of my best buddy which i'll never forget. Love u always. xoxo!

cakes! yummy~

Never miss out a group pic! ( ladies only of course. hahaha... )


After few hours of sleep, i went meet up with my uni bunch of mates, together with few juniors randomly went up to Genting Highlands. *chill* Not fully packed with people on a Saturday morning... which i find it kinda weird. Perhaps its not a school holiday weekend.


There's nothing much to do there considering we the 'seniors' dun wanna get amused by the theme park. hahaha. No nice movies to watch at that time also..... so, all of us decided to try on 2 things.



some 3-D motion master. goodness... DUN TRY THIS! waste money... no joke weihh.


- no pic available -

casino! since all of us are legally allowed to enter, we decided to went in to check it out. But sadly to say, due to money constraint, we can't afford to lose in any gamble. *pufft* So, after one round of survey, we are out.

After that. ( memory lost! so sorry )

Dunno what happen in the middle, 5 of us got separated. 3 of them actually went queue up for balloons! Dump me and frank wondering around..... ish!

So, we both decided to go have a drink at Starbucks. But OMG. Just to find the way there.... it tooks us like ages.... if i'm not mistaken, we actually went 2 times around Genting b4 we found it.

What happened then?

we became thinner!!! wtf.


( drama keeps distracting me from continuing..... arrgh! )

Oh ya, while we're waiting for the bus down to kl.... seriously boring! yeah, so without using ur brain u also how we passed our time!






Seriously, when ur bored... u can do ANYTHING!

Take a look ppl. *LOL*

Step 1 - when i first saw darling


Step 2 - trying to impress her


Step 3 - another attempt


Step 4 - hahahaha... succeed.


Step 5 - hurray!!! hahahahahaha....


Step 6 -
sweet *wink*


hahahaha.... crazy. But it was so fun!!

*yawns* can't stand adi. Good night everyone. =p