Saturday, April 5, 2008

zero four - zero four - zero eight

holiday!! no work. *wicked smile*

how i spent my BEAUTIFUL day?? muahahahah.

woke up watch canto-drama (赌场风云) damn nice.
i'm so in-love with that actor inside. for ur information, his name is MIU KIU WAI. omg. damn good-looking. haha. =p

after forcing myself to turn off the DVD player, went Summit with Trac.
guess what? she's getting contacts!!! haha. i'm kinda excited when we first reached that optic shop. imagine it ok?


look at those cute glasses! hehe.

*punch punch*

hahah. coming up next is a pic of dear trac TRYING HARD to put in the contact lens.


doesnt she look like a PRO? arrgh!! this scene i cant even take count HOW MANY TIMES it repeated!! almost an hour for her just to put that small little transparent thing into her eye. ( one eye - the other took another 15 minutes )

Finally, both sides are in! HURRAY!! *rejoice*


Sales person : amoi, sekarang u cuba keluarkan boleh?? nanti pakai balik.

omg.. *faint*

hahah. laugh ppl LAUGH!

next, went shopping for clothes and shoes!

*testing testing*

a dress for me

a top for trac

*blink blink*

now change venue! PYRAMID.


what we bought most today? SHOES!! 4 pairs. hehe =p

hold on, before i forget..
this is a message for melissa!

(for ur information who dunno melissa, she is famous of her NOT SO FAIR skin)

hey girl, remember last night u were telling me how BLACK is better than WHITE?
and u said that u are like BLACK PEARL shining bright! REMEMBER That? hahaha. i thought u were talking crap.

till... i found out that ppl act DO like black pearl! haha


hahaha.. cool right?

*lalala* now time to go eat. I hate this moment. WHY? u always hear this.

er. eat what ar?
u choose la.
i dunno.
i ok with everything de.
u say la.

list go on. for at least half an hour b4 decide where to eat.
then, in the restaurant... WHAT SHOULD I EAT?


haihz. [ adat yang patut dimansuhkan ]

if everyone could be just like this little girl..
when ask where to eat? MACDONALS! haha.


*continue walking*

oh, look at this model. AIYO. small case la. we also can wert!

go away... please

warning : DO NOT DOUBT US!

we made them walk like hot BABEs!

hahah.. *time ticking*

listening to ~ S.H.E : 七仔


shinmei said...

wah...go shopping lOo...
didn call me ~i damn boring here =(
but exam weeks now mood ~