Sunday, April 27, 2008

staying cool~


plz save the environment.
feel the whether ppl. omg. i'm MELTING.
even a short walking distant from GIANT to Summit, I CANT stand it. AH!

was having fever last few days. damn. cant even look at something without blinking my eyes twice. BLUR images.. thanks for those who are concern. i'm feeling much better now. =p

as the matter of fact, i'm sitting in my computer room. 34*c . chatting to jess bout "gossip girls, amerian idol and a conto drama " haha.. suddenly, i start to admire jay chou. listening to the song "qing hua qi" [should be]. really a nice song.

again. fighting with jess about which david is cuter/hotter. hahahaha.

haihz. right now, i have to start thinking HOW to train my students for PERTANDINGAN BERCERITA. arrgh. headache. headache. i miss kimi raikkonen. hahaha. sorry. those come out from nowhere.

keep telling myself to cheer up! CHEER UP! i'm going back dancing in just 2 weeks time ( due to "renovation" ) haha. be patient girl.

the end of april. i'm getting my pay soon. GLAD~~ muahaha.

listening to : christine glass ~ my love will get you home


shinmei said...

wei...getting the pay soon ar??
what do u want to treat me ?
meals? shopping? or...hehe...
my present ~~~

purple_star_88 said...

hahaha. should be getting by end for this week.
what? treat u ar.. think think le. haha. and what's with the present ar???? haha...